The Power of Showcasing and Full-Scope Runway Magic

The Power of Showcasing and Full-Scope Runway Magic

Every designer dreams of showcasing their creations in Paris with their own runway show. It's often seen as the pinnacle of a fashion career, especially during Fashion Week. There are numerous platforms offering services for designers to host events in the fashion capital, but today, we want to focus on Paris Fashion Air and what sets us apart.

First and foremost, let us emphasize that the choice of location is of utmost importance for a runway show. It took us some time to find the perfect venue that would make every designer feel truly special when presenting their collection. Additionally, we wanted every guest to experience the Parisian ambiance and the essence of style. Maison de l'Amérique Latine is a uniquely special place where renowned designers began their journey with their first shows, and now it can be your turn.
Secondly, there's the matter of production. It's essential to understand the specific needs of designers. Anyone can make an event look beautiful, but what makes us truly special? A professional team is a prerequisite. Our founder, Veronika Janvie, began her career as a couture wedding designer and was a protege of Paco Rabanne in the early stages of her career in Paris. She launched her wedding atelier and, from the ground up, learned how to thrive in Europe, carving her niche and building a client base. We all recognize that the market is saturated with products, and as a designer, you must realize that it's not just about creating beautiful garments. It's about your personal contributions, connections, and the perfect team that brings everything together.
Our Art Director, Russ Ev, has been producing runway shows for the past seven years, launching several successful brands and collaborating with prominent designers to create successful runway shows in Milan and Paris.

Our PR team ensures that the right target audience attends your show. Understanding who you are as a designer and having a detailed understanding of your client and their habits are essential. Crafting a perfect portrait will help establish your own client database in Europe.
It's also crucial to remember that after runway shows, some time is needed for stylists and journalists to approach us with requests for photoshoots and samples for red carpets and special events. That's why we're developing the concept of a Press Office/Showroom where we can continue working with designers on a daily basis, representing their interests in Europe.

Consider why you want to be in Paris. Your clear vision will guide us in turning your success story into a reality.
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